Help - Frequently asked questions

Question: How may I change my reservation?

Answer: To change the reservation, just access the "My reservation" area and provide the credentials you've received in the voucher.

Question: I didn' get the voucher in my email.

Answer: Your voucher may have been marked as SPAM by your email provider. Please check if our email is in you SPAM inbox. If you didn't find the voucher, you may contact us through the 'Contact-us' separator.

Question: How may I extend my reservation?

Answer: To extend you reservation, please contact us at "Contact us" section.

Question: I've lost my reservation voucher.

Answer: In case you missed the print you made of the voucher in the final step of the booking process, you may check your email for the voucher we’ve sent. You may also re-print the voucher in the “My reservation” area, if you remember the credentials. Otherwise, you may just contact us directly.

Question: My information is incorrect in the voucher.

Answer: You will have to contact us so we can correct your data.

Question: I don't have a credit card. Can I still make a reservation?

Answer: Yes. In that case, you shall contact directly our reservations department through the “Contact us” section.

Question: Is it safe to make a reservation in the Internet using my credit card?

Answer: All transfers of personal information between the user and the website are made using the SSL security protocol, which means that the privacy of the information is totally guaranteed.

Question: I want to cancel my reservation.

Answer: To cancel your reservation, you just need to select that option in the “My reservation” area. Please note that, case there’s a cancellation with penalty, 4Rent will charge your credit card with the penalty defined in your voucher.

Question: I need to add/change my flight details to my reservation.

Answer: You may provide or correct that information in the "My Reservation" area.

Question: What do I need to pay when I pick-up the car?

Answer: All payments shall be made directly to the provider at the pick-up location. In case of no show of cancelling after the 48 hours deadline, 4Rent will charge your credit card with the penalty defined in the voucher.

Question: What do I need to bring to pick-up the vehicle?

Answer: You must have your driver's license, passport and a credit card.

Question: What shall I do if there's an accident?

Answer: In case of accident or mechanical problems, it is important to contact the supplier as soon as possible (within a maximum of 24 hours). In the case of an accident, contact the local police, and fill out the form to collect all information from the other person (if there is one). Return the car to the supplier and fill out the accident forms. The supplier of the rental company shall authorize the replacement or repair of the vehicle. It is important that you retain a copy of all documents.

Question: What are the minimum and maximum ages to rent a car?

Answer: The minimum age is 23 and the maximum is 70.

Question: How is it calculated the total of days of the rental service?

Answer: The number of days is calculated using 24 hour periods, which means that if you pick-up the vehicle at 10 a.m. on Monday and return it at 10 a.m. on the following Tuesday, it will be charged 1 day. However, if you collect the car at 10:00 on Monday and return it at 1 p.m. on Tuesday it will be charged to you 2 days rental since it has been exceeded 24h. It is therefore important to confirm your schedules before making your reservation, since it can have a significant impact on the reservation price.

Question: Like many other companies, does 4Rent charge to change the reservations?

Answer: All changes and cancellations are free of charge provided they are conducted until 48 hours before the pick-up date.

Question: What is an "After hour fee"?

Answer: The "after hour fee" applies to pick-ups and returns made outside the hours 9am-18h.